Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Ghost Tracks of San Antonio

In the 1930's, in an intersection of railway track and road a train crashed into a school bus killing everyone on board. It is believed till day that the ghosts of the victims of the tragedy lurk around the place.

The Creepy Stuff people have experienced.

There have been several reports of hearing children's cries, feeling their car get rocked etc, but the most unbelievable thing about the place is that if you park your car near the railway crossing put it in neutral some kind of force pushes the car uphill and off from the railroad. The legend is that it is the ghosts of the children from the crash who are trying to save you from their fate.

Have a look at the video to see it for yourself.

It gets creepier, people have actually reported that they found hand prints of children on the back of their cars after they have sprinkled baby powder on the back of their cars.

Solution to the Mystery

Check out the video below to see the mystery unveiled.

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